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Kateryna Kozlovska

Kateryna Kozlovska was born in Chernivtsi, Ukraine the 20th of June 1984. From the very beginning she was very talented as she started to study piano at the age of 5 years and immediately became the center of the surprise of her first teacher Gubenko, as she saw the very high develop of her natural music skills. This first period of her study finished in 1999.
Then, from 1999 on, she had a scholarship for the “Chernivtsi State Music College” where she got into a higher level of studying, adding to her music knowledge the interaction with other musicians in Duo, Trio, Quartet and piano with vocalist. This period lasted until 2003.
Julieta Mileva

Julieta Mileva was Born in 1972 year in Sofia, Bulgaria.
She started playing piano at age of 5, taking professional piano lessons in classical music. At age 15 Julieta won a scholarship as a member of” Special talents class” in “Specialized High Music School” in Sofia; she started then her carrier as a professional musician.
During her studies, Julieta did many solo recitals in clasical and contemporary music, took part in many concerts, festivals and venues as a solo pianist.
Julieta won several prices from international piano competitions, including, 1st price winner of an “International Bach Competition” in Sofia, winner of a Special price for “Contemporary music performance” and others…
Ghada Youssef
PIANO JULIETTE, lobbybar pianist

Ghada is solo pianist, she studied classical music in conservatory of Alexandria Egypt, she got her international certificate of piano and theory of music from “associated board of royal schools of music.
Ghada performs piano lounge music in different venues, receptions, weddings and concerts.
Ghada has been playing music in many places around the world, receiving contracts in different countries that gives the chance to work as musician and explore different music and cultures.
She plays the pan pipes as well , has experience as professional pianist and pan pipe player.
Parvanova Slivia
PARVANOVA SILVIA, pianobar lobbybar pianist

Silvia Parvanova was born on 10 November 1975 in Pleven, Bulgaria.
She started playing piano when she was 5 years old.
From 1985 until 1994 Silvia studied piano in Pleven’s musical secondary school named “ Panayot Pipkov”.
In 1994 she passed successfully her entrance exams of Bulgarian National Music Academy- Sofia, Bulgaria. There, she specialized in piano at the Instrumental Faculty.
In 2000 Silvia graduated in Bachelor Degree. Between 1995 and 1997 she completed a Deutsch language course in Goethe Institute-Sofia, Bulgaria.
Ian West
TERRY ROGERS, piano entertainer

Terry was born in Hamilton, Ohio, and at the of five his family migrated to Marion, Indiana.
He began taking piano lessons at the age of ten and discovered his natural talent for playing by ear.
His Father was pastoring a church and Terry began playing in his fathers church.
He soon started singing and playing with various gospel groups and by the age of thirteen had his own gospel group and recorded their first album that year.
Maurice Fond
MAURICE FOND, piano entertainer

Maurice started playing the piano at age nine and learned playing mostly by inspiration from the '80s stars such as Bruce Hornsby and Billy Joel. Throughout High School, he played the keys in several bands and started to sing more and more.
Maurice has a wide playing experience which varies from theatershows, playing at silent movies and as a member of several Jazz and Pop Bands. Among them, he played with the Dutch well known presentator and singer Henk Westbroek. In 2003 he performed with the Groove Troopers at the North Sea Jazz Festival and several of his own compositions were played.
Mitchell Zlokower
MITCHELL ZLOKOWER, pianobar entertainer

Mitchell sings and plays jazz standards and popular songs. He has hundreds of songs in his repertoire including swingers and ballads, bossa nova,
contemporary, comedy, and French chansons. Mitch is available for lounges, restaurants, parties, weddings, ships, special events, can bring groups from trio to five-piece, and happily takes requests from a vast knowledge of jazz standards and classic songs.
Greg Sampson
GREG SAMPSON, pianobar entertainer

Pianist/vocalist Greg Sampson has been a professional entertainer for almost twenty years.
His most recent performances have been on 'Disney Cruise Lines'.
For Disney Greg plays at their nightclubs called 'Offbeat' which is located on Beat Street.
John Strider
JOHN STRIDER, pianobar entertainer

Warm, energetic, enthusiastic and experienced, Jon Strider combines consummate technique with unique talent.
With a 1000 song repertoire-- from mellow dinner to progressive country, from current Top Hits to good old high energy rock n' roll, from standards to rhythm and blues to original songs, Jon Strider has proven time and time again that he can deliver a range and variety of musical entertainment to please any crowd of any age group!
Varity and Kim
VERITY and KIM, piano bar entertainers

The duo consists of guitar Kim Murray, and vocals, Verity Guthrie.
With innovative versions of all the classics, intricate guitar playing and sultry vocals, it is a highly entertaining duo. Capable of performig classic swinging jazz tunes (Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra etc..) all the way through to soul/pop/R&B classics (Doobie Brothers, The Beatles, Beyonce, Duffy, Marvin Gaye, U2 etc...)With innovative versions of all the classics, intricate guitar playing and sultry vocals, it is a highly entertaining duo.

Kim is a passionate and funky guitarist and the dazzling presence of the lead vocalist, Verity Guthrie, whose innovative vocal style will capture you.




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